The Travel Corporation Unveils Enhanced Hygiene Protocols

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The Travel Corporation (TTC) – comprising Trafalgar, Luxury Gold, Insight Vacations, Contiki and Costsaver -- has released enhanced protocols and hygiene standards for all of its guided vacations once domestic and international travel resumes.

“At TTC, as a family-owned and run business for the past 100 years, we have always taken the well-being and peace of mind of our guests and every team member as our top priority,” said Brett Tollman, Chief Executive of TTC.

“As we adapt to this new world, our dedicated, diligent TTC team members across the globe are preparing and will be implementing enhanced training, procedures and numerous new measures throughout our various guest experiences offered, with the very best possible care and service. These new protocols will be adapted and adjusted as needed, in a timely manner, as governments define and implement what will be required in each country,” he concluded.

Here's what travellers with TTC can expect:

  • Travel Directors and Trip Managers -- are trained in the new hygiene and physical distancing procedures. They monitor the hygiene etiquette of guests during their trips, advising as needed to ensure standards are maintained.
  • A Full Team of Support 24/7 -- TTC’s operations and guest support teams are in close contact with Travel Directors and on call 24/7.
  • Road Protocols -- TTC’s coaches are sanitized before the start of each trip. Drivers will now be trained with the latest hygiene protocols to disinfect all surfaces. Hand sanitizer is freely available on board and all guests will be asked to follow hygiene practices. Clients are encouraged to bring their own washable face mask and gloves.
  • Trusted Partners -- TTC says it selects partner hotels, restaurants, ground handlers and venues that meet guidelines and specifications.
  • Physical Distancing -- TTC says it will be adapting group sizes based on government distancing requirements. It adds that all experiences, hotels and restaurants have been vetted to ensure they adhere to physical distancing and hygiene guidelines required in each jurisdiction.
  • Smaller Groups, More Personal Space -- Luxury Gold and Insight Vacations divide travellers into smaller groups at each stop to ensure the required physical distancing is ensured.
  • In the Know -- Each travel brand is kept up to date with government advisories and travel alerts.

For more information on each brand's protocols click the following: Trafalgar, Luxury Gold, Insight Vacations, Contiki and Costsaver or contact your local Sales Manager.

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