Important Qualification: AC's New Cancellation Policy Only Applies To Direct Bookings, Kicks In 01JUN

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Air Canada's revised cancellation policy, which the carrier released 22MAY, applies only to bookings made directly through the Air Canada website and officially begins on 01JUN.

Open Jaw reached out to Air Canada after hearing from a concerned agent. 

An AC spokesperson explained that the new policy does not take effect to 01JUN, but at that point it can be applied retroactively to 01MAR.

At this time, the policy only applies to direct bookings, but AC says it is looking at options for agents. 

"We are working to develop a solution for agents. We are fully committed to making these options available to travel agents very shortly," said Peter Fitzpatrick in an email to Open Jaw.

Anna Kroupina

Anna Kroupina Journalist

Anna is OJ's newest member and she joins the team as a writer/reporter. She co-writes the daily news and covers events. Although she's new to the industry, pursuing a career path in travel/tourism has been a goal since her first family road trip to the Florida Keys sparked a desire to discover the world and this exhilarating, fast-paced industry.


Susan Morrison - May 27, 2020 @ 17:19
Westjet is worse!

Beth - May 26, 2020 @ 14:19
Here is a prime example of how Air Canada tries to cut out the travel agent!
Air Canada pretends the travel agent is important to them but they have been trying to sell directly to the public for years!
Air Canada tries to sell directly to the consumer while cutting travel agent commissions.
And then the travel agent defends Air Canada when the consumers who hate Air Canada demanded full refunds during the COVID-19 debacle.
A prime example of how Air Canada is no friend of the travel agent.
If the public only knew the truth!

Teodor Tanase - May 25, 2020 @ 18:42
Yes. We are the 3rd world of travel or 2nd hand citizens. Is an OPC/TICO case, Air Canada is discriminating our clients. OPC/TICO suppose to take action right away. No need to make a complain. It is about the client's rights (anyway AC doesn't care about travel consultants). I can't see :) why the travel agencies managers/owners do not want (?) to act in this case. Any clue ? :)

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