ACTA’s New Agency “Tool-Kit” Provides Reopening Resources

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ACTA has released the first phase of a toolkit aimed at supporting agencies as travel restarts. 

The "Ready to Travel - Your Travel Agency Re-opening Tool Kit" provides information and resources on safely reopening offices such as health screening templates, setting up plexiglass screens on every desk as well as the latest updates from federal and provincial government plans on phased in reopenings. 

ACTA says it will continue to update the Re-opening Tool Kit as new information becomes available.  

“We know that at the right time, planning and communicating agencies’ re-opening strategies effectively will gain the confidence of not only their employees, it will offer peace of mind to customers when they are ready to travel,” said Wendy Paradis, President, ACTA.

ACTA's “Ready to Travel” campaign will run throughout the summer months, says the association. In addition to the Travel Agency Re-opening Tool kit, the campaign will include opportunities to connect with senior leaders within the various travel segments and destinations to learn how they are preparing for business post-COVID and what clients can expect when they travel. 

“We will be with agencies every step of the way, striving for a safe and healthy future -- and showing consumers the value of always using a professional travel agent,” said Paradis.

Anna Kroupina

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