Contiki Survey Reveals Domestic Travel Trends Among Millennials & Gen Z

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Contiki surveyed 1,100 Canadian Millennials and Generation Z travellers (ages 18 to 35) to find out what their upcoming travel plans look like as domestic travel takes off this year. 

According to the survey, the majority (29%) said they plan on taking their next vacation "ASAP", while 23% said "late 2020." Only 6% said they are planning their next trip for "2022 or later."

Here are some research highlights:

Top travel experiences in Canada are: 


  • 76% are looking to discover foodie experiences (local food, wine and breweries) 
  • 70% hope to embark on hiking, biking and adventures
  • 67% would like to see the Northern Lights
  • 64% look forward to wildlife encounters
  • 54% hope to learn more about Canada’s history and culture 

Top destinations in Canada: 


  • 57% of respondents voted for Alberta and The Rockies
  • 56% of respondents voted for Vancouver Island
  • 55% of respondents voted for the East Coast
  • 52% of respondents voted for Coastal British Colombia
  • 37% of respondents voted for Quebec 


Trip length: 


  • 38% would travel throughout Canada for 4-7 days 
  • 29% would travel throughout Canada for 8-10 days 


Travel Behaviours:


  • 93% said hygiene and well-being are important to them when considering with which company to travel
  • 80% said they will watch how much they spend on travel
  • 72% said they want to visit destinations that are less crowded.
  • 52% said they feel it's safer booking with a tour company than booking independently. 


According to Contiki, the average age of those surveyed is 22.

Anna Kroupina

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