Air France-KLM To Operate 28 Weekly Summer Flights Between Canada & Europe

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Air France and KLM continue to increase their operational schedule linking Canada and Europe in JUL and AUG. 

The group will operate a total of 28 flights per week -- that’s 37% of the 75 weekly flights originally scheduled. 

Air France will fly 10 weekly flights between CDG and YUL, and three times per week between CDG and YYZ.

KLM operations include two weekly YUL-AMS flights, seven YYZ-AMS, three YVR-AMS and three YYC-AMS as of AUG (until then, there are two weekly flights between YYC-AMS).

The AF-KLM group expresses pride in being the only European airlines to have continued to provide flights to Canada since the global shutdown in MAR, with Air France serving YUL and KLM serving YYZ.

“Because we continued to fly between March and late June, we made it possible for businesses to continue to move cargo, and for travellers who met their country’s health and documentation requirements, we provided them with options to return home, attend to family emergencies, or even fulfill their professional or humanitarian duties,” said Vincent Etchebehere, General Manager Air France KLM Canada. 

“With the European Union recently lifting some restrictions, the addition of new flights means more opportunities for Canadians to travel safely to France, the Netherlands and many other European countries."

Health Measures Onboard AF & KLM

The Air France KLM Group has rolled out new hygiene standards both in-flight and on the ground, including:

  • deep cleaning of all contact surfaces onboard the aircraft (tray table, seat, armrests, screen, remote control, window, overhead compartments, washrooms); 
  • social distancing signs and markers; 
  • protective screens at service counters; 
  • contactless temperature measurement; 
  • back-to-front boarding; 
  • health material onboard; 
  • adaptation of in-flight service to limit interaction between passengers and crew. 

AF-KLM says aircraft cabins are equipped with HEPA filters that capture 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, and they are also sprayed with an approved virucidal product.

Masks are mandatory in airports and on the group’s flights. Surgical masks are required on Air France flights as of 31MAY, while KLM passengers have the option of flying with a universal mask. The airlines recommend that passengers have at least three masks in their carry-on for transatlantic flights, one hand disinfectant gel (under 100 ml) and single-use tissues.

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