Transat Suspends Flights From Western Canada; AC-TS Deal Delayed To 27AUG

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Air Transat is suspending flights to the south and the United States from Western Canada for the coming winter season due to "the many challenges that our industry is facing," spokesperson Marie-Christine Pouliot told Open Jaw in an email.

"Since the current situation does not allow us to foresee resuming these routes in the near future and there will therefore be no practical option to use vouchers with Air Transat from their location. Customers impacted by these cancellations will receive a refund in the amount received on file," Pouliot said.

Transat will operate domestic flights from YVR and connecting flights to Europe via YYZ and YUL. A detailed schedule will be unveiled shortly.

Transat Delays Air Canada Deal

The closing date for Air Canada's $720 million acquisition of Transat has been delayed past the current 27JUL deadline, AC spokesperson Peter Fitzpatrick confirmed to Open Jaw. Transat said Monday it delayed the deal by a month, until 27AUG, after pushing it to the end of JUL on 27MAY.

The agreement between the two companies allows either side to delay three times the date on which either one can walk away from the deal.

The proposed acquisition still requires approvals by both Canadian and European Union regulators. There is no defined date for Canada's decision, while the EU is expected to make a decision between 30SEP and 19NOV, according to the Globe and Mail.

EU regulators suspended their investigation into the purchase proposal on 19JUN, pending the arrival of more data from the two Canadian travel companies. A preliminary review by the EU found that the would-be transaction could significantly reduce competition on 33 origin and destination city pairs between the two jurisdictions.

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