Transport Canada Issues First Fines To Two Air Pax Refusing To Wear Masks

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Transport Canada has fined two WestJet air passengers $1,000 for refusing to wear face coverings onboard the aircraft. 

The first incident occurred on 14JUN on a WestJet flight from YYC to YKF. The second occurred on 07JUL on a WestJet flight from YVR to YYC.

The aviation regulator says in both incidents, the individuals were directed repeatedly by air crew to wear their face coverings during the flights and in both cases, the individuals refused. 

Masks or face coverings have been mandatory on flights and in terminals since 20APR as part of the federal government’s response to the covid-19 pandemic.

"Under the interim order, all travellers must have a face covering with them prior to boarding,” Transport Canada said Friday.

“Travellers must wear their face coverings at all time while boarding, during the flight and from the moment the doors of the aircraft are opened until the person enters the air terminal building when they are two metres or less from another person. Certain exemptions do apply, such as a while eating, drinking and taking oral medicine.”

The fines were announced days after WestJet released a strict new policy to ensure passengers wear face coverings, with consequences for refusal that include a year-long travel ban.

Anna Kroupina

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