Gov't & Airlines Agree On New Contact Tracing Rules

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport.

The federal government and Canada’s largest airlines have established a new set of rules to help contact-tracing efforts should a passenger test positive for COVID-19 on a domestic flight, announced Minister of Transport Marc Garneau on Friday. 

The enhanced notification process allows contact tracing to be done in "a more consistent manner" and facilitates timely contact tracing and exposure notification, he said.

Passengers will be asked to provide contact information such as email and/or phone number when they check-in for their flight with large Canadian air carriers. If a risk of COVID-19 exposure has been identified, public health authorities will determine whether contacting passengers is necessary, in which case the contact information will be readily available from the airlines.

"As Canada continues to work towards the safe re-opening of its borders and as we take steps to strengthen our air transportation network, public health remains at the forefront," said Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau.

"I thank the provincial and territorial governments, the public health authorities, and Canada's air carriers who came together to address this emerging issue. Contact tracing and exposure notification is a key tool to assist health officials in their role to limit the spread of the virus, and this enhanced process will provide an additional layer of measures to help protect for those travelling by air domestically." 

Provincial and territorial public health authorities maintain authority and decision-making over contact tracing, while the Public Health Agency of Canada provides guidance. 

Individuals may also consult the Public Health Agency of Canada website to see whether their flight was affected.

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