Tourism Roundtable Calls For "Urgent" Dialogue With Ottawa About Sector's Viability

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

The Canadian Travel and Tourism Roundtable (CTTR), comprised of leaders across the travel and tourism industry, is calling for "urgent" dialogue with the federal government about the pandemic’s impact on the travel and tourism sector and how to ensure that COVID-related job losses and business shutdowns do not become permanent.

To date, calls to the federal government to convene this meeting have gone unanswered, says the group.

"The only way to sustain the sector is for industry leaders to be at the table with government, and collectively put a plan together that aims at sector relief and measured reopening," stated Steve Sammut, President & CEO of Vancouver-based Rocky Mountaineer. "The CTTR has repeatedly reached out to government to start a dialogue on how we can approach a reopening of our sector in a safe and measured fashion."

While acknowledging that COVID-19 is a serious health emergency, the Roundtable says it also presents a serious economic emergency that governments need to address. The travel and tourism sector, employing over 1.8 million Canadians, is one of the hardest hit industries from COVID, it says. 

"We are asking this government to act on measures taken around the world, such as testing and opening safe travel corridors to get our businesses, employees and customers moving again," stated Mike McNaney, President & CEO of the National Airlines Council of Canada. "We hope the Ministers will consider our ask for a coordinated summit with industry and government leaders to prevent long-term structural changes to our sector. Nearly two million Canadians depend on it."

The CTTR represents travel and tourism employers and stakeholders – including Canada's largest airports, airlines, hotels, travel agencies, boards of trade, and chambers of commerce. The group joined forces in MAY to work towards establishing sector-wide public safety measures and rebuilding public trust in the safety of travel.

Tourism Roundtable Calls For "Urgent" Dialogue With Ottawa About Sector's Viability.

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