Over 300,000 Canadians Sent Letters To Gov't Urging Steps Toward Tourism Restart, Says NACC

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Mike McNaney, NACC President and CEO.

Canadians have sent more than 312,000 personal messages to the federal government urging it to reopen the travel and tourism sector, according to the National Airlines Council of Canada (NACC).

Throughout the pandemic, the NACC says it has been asking Canadians to write their local Members of Parliament imploring them to "urgently prioritize a plan to safely restart travel and tourism."

The NACC says Canadians in the Greater Toronto Area made up more than 21% of all participants and more than 53% of emails sent were from Canadians who live in a riding held by the governing Liberal Party. 

"In response to COVID-19, Canadians have worked hard to establish safe and responsible ways to restart their lives, with all levels of government across the country releasing various plans for the phased reopening of communities and businesses. But so far, the federal government has not released a clear plan to support the safe restart of the travel and tourism sector," the NACC said in a news release.

The trade association is demanding the federal government design a plan that will safely and responsibly restart travel and tourism in Canada. It is asking the government to undertake the following actions as part of a restart plan:  

  • Rapidly establish a national framework to ease interprovincial travel restrictions 
  • Clearly communicate to Canadians that they can travel safely by air to visit Canadian destinations 
  • Establish reciprocal border agreements with targeted safe countries 


"The Prime Minister and his cabinet must take urgent action to support the thousands of business and employees across the country, in communities large and small, that depend on travel and tourism," says Mike McNaney, NACC President and CEO.

"We can safely restart our industry and take steps to ensure its financial viability through sectoral support, but the federal government must act now."

While other jurisdictions globally have begun to safely restart their aviation sectors, Canada has remained at "Stage Zero," McNaney noted in an   AUG statement, and has not agreed to accept targeted international re-opening such as with the European Union, or achieve a consistent approach within Canada concerning quarantine and travel measures for domestic flights. 

Anna Kroupina

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