Manulife To Offer COVID-19 Travel Insurance & Trip Interruption In October

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Manulife Financial Group will begin offering COVID-19 travel coverage to Canadians starting in OCT. 

The Manulife COVID-19 Pandemic Travel Plan will be available to Canadians travelling both domestically and internationally, including to countries with a Level 3 Travel Advisory. Canada currently has a Level 3 Advisory, which urges avoidance of non-essential travel, in effect for all countries.

The policy will provide Emergency Medical coverage, including specific additional coverage for COVID-19 and related conditions. It will also include added Trip Interruption benefits in the event of quarantine. 

"Manulife understands that some Canadians have family, business and other important reasons for travelling in-country and to global destinations – and today, more than ever before, they need specialized coverage that helps protect them in the event they fall ill due to COVID-19," wrote Manulife in a news release. 

The policy will provide the following coverage: 

Manulife follows Medipac Travel Insurance and the Canadian Association of Blue Cross, which both restored medical emergency coronavirus coverage in their travel insurance policies in JUL. However, according to Reuters, neither Medipac nor Blue Cross offers pandemic-related trip interruption coverage.

In MAR, Manulife, as well as other insurers, said it would no longer cover trip cancellations or interruptions related to COVID as the pandemic was deemed a “known event.”

For more information about the Manulife COVID-19 Pandemic Travel Plan, click here.

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