Canada Extends Travel Restrictions For All Foreign Destinations To 31OCT

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

The federal government has once again extended travel restrictions for all travellers entering the country from a foreign non-U.S. destination through 31OCT, 2020, according to an Order in Council passed yesterday. 

Canada has a separate Order in place to limit cross-border travel with the U.S. This Order, which initially came into effect in late MAR, was extended earlier this month through 21OCT.

The extension on foreign travellers comes as coronavirus cases continue to rise, both domestically and in destinations around the world. The worldwide number of COVID-19 deaths now tops 1 million.

The order states that "the entry of persons into Canada who have recently been in a foreign country may introduce or contribute to the spread of the disease in Canada" and that "no reasonable alternatives to prevent the introduction or spread of the disease are available."

Canada initially closed its borders from 18MAR to 30JUN. Since then, travel restrictions have been extended on a monthly basis. The border is closed to foreign travellers coming into Canada for a non-essential reasons, including tourism.

Anna Kroupina

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