Nexion Travel Group Celebrates 25 Years At Virtual CoNexion Conference with a 'Canada Corner'

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Nexion Travel Group's annual CoNexion At Home conference took a virtual turn this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, just as the host agency celebrates its 25th anniversary. 

“This has certainly been a year to remember,” says said Jackie Friedman, CTC, CTIE, President of Nexion Travel Group. “Yet even as we gather virtually for CoNexion, our resilience and pride in our wonderful industry stands firm. CoNexion At Home may be the culmination of a very strange year, but better times are sure to come. We saw that 25 years ago at our creation, and I am sure we will see it again in the not-too-distant future.”

CoNexion 2020, hosted from 01-03OCT, gave agents an opportunity to attend workshops, networking events, supplier roundtables, industry panels and a partner trade show – all virtually. Member agents also received targeted training to help their agencies bounce back when travel resumes.

“Canadian travel advisors have unique needs, and this year we offered a ‘Canada Corner’ during CoNexion that remained open for Canadians to network with each other and suppliers serving Canada. Of course, we were part of the larger CoNexion conference as a whole, celebrating 25 years of Nexion Travel Group," Mike Foster, president of Nexion Travel Group – Canada., told Open Jaw in an email yesterday.

The host agency welcomed its 25th year in existence with a firm belief in the future and the value of travel advisors.

"What this year’s conference taught us is the hunger Canadian travel advisors have for the best information to serve their customers. The pandemic has laid bare the need for the travelling public to have a professional on their side to help them navigate the complex new world of travel restrictions, and the information our members receive at conferences like CoNexion At Home makes it possible for them to offer that service to their customer," Foster said.

The age of the home-based travel advisor and Nexion Travel Group are deeply intertwined. A quarter of a century ago, Nexion launched in Silicon Valley as a technology solutions company, before becoming a part of Sabre in 2003. The company started developing into its eventual niche of serving home-based travel advisors in the mid-90s, a pivotal time in the industry when airlines stopped paying commissions, upending many business models. This led to many advisors changing their businesses to be less tied to a brick and mortar presence.

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