"Clean Hands Touching Clean Surfaces." YYZ Is Getting 10 "Hospital-Grade UV Light" Sanitizers

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As the Greater Toronto Airports Authority's (GTAA) moves to enhance employee and passenger health and safety, it's looking at a "light" solution.  It's announced that 10 UV light sanitizers are being installed at various locations throughout the airport to sanitize objects like cell phones, wallets, keys and other potential germ-carrying items commonly found in airports. 

GTAA, which operates and maintains YYZ, partnered with CleanSlate UV to install the "hospital-grade UV light" machines.

"The Greater Toronto Airports Authority is committed to a science-based approach that prioritizes the health and wellbeing of passengers and airport workers. That starts with using proven technology and expertise, backed by a record of success in the healthcare field," said Deborah Flint, President and CEO, GTAA. 

"CleanSlate's UV technology is another valuable layer of protection in our Healthy Airport transformation, maintaining our commitment to stringent hygiene and sanitation protocols." 

CleanSlate says its UV sanitizers are proven to eliminate 99.999% of harmful bacteria found on common handheld items. Passengers place their items into the scanner-sized CleanSlate machine, close the lid, and the UV process begins automatically. 

In 20 seconds, the newly-disinfected items are ready to remove. 

"While your device is being sanitized, you can wash or sanitize your hands to break the chain of infection and ensure that when your device is done being sanitized, you can remove it with clean hands. The lid will open automatically so you don't have to touch the lid and re-contaminate your hands in order to retrieve your devices," CleanSlate UV explains in a video explaining how the device works. 

Taylor Mann, CEO and Co-founder of CleanSlate UV, says, "As travel restrictions begin to loosen, it's important that Canadians take all precautions to stop the spread of germs. Hand hygiene has been given the limelight, but hand hygiene stops the moment you touch a dirty phone. This technology ensures clean hands touch clean devices, stopping the chain of infection and protecting Canadian travellers."

Anna Kroupina

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