Canada Introduces New Requirements For Int'l Travellers; Up To $1,000 Fine For Noncompliance

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All travellers entering Canada will be required to provide a quarantine plan and regularly check-in with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) starting 21NOV, or face fines of up to $1,000 for noncompliance, the agency announced yesterday in a notice posted online. 

"This is a significant step in stopping the spread of COVID-19 as traveller information can be shared quickly and securely with provinces and territories to contact travellers for public health follow-up, and with law enforcement to verify compliance with the Mandatory Isolation Order," PHAC said.

Pre-arrival requirements:

Starting 21NOV, 2020,  travellers whose final destination is Canada must submit their travel and contact information, quarantine plan, and COVID-19 symptom self-assessment electronically through the ArriveCAN mobile app or web platform before they board their flight. 

Upon landing in Canada, travellers must show their ArriveCAN receipt to a border services officer, who will verify they have submitted their information digitally. 

Travellers who do not submit the required information before boarding their flight could be subject to enforcement actions, which range from a verbal warnings to a $1,000 fine. Exceptions will be made for those unable to submit documents electronically due to personal circumstances, such as disability or inadequate infrastructure, PHAC notes.

Starting 04NOV, 2020, Canada's air carriers will remind passengers of the need to submit the information prior to boarding their flight to Canada. 

Post-entry requirements:

As of 21NOV, 2020, travellers must confirm they have arrived at their place of quarantine within 48 hours of entering Canada through ArriveCAN or by calling 1-833-641-0343. They must also complete a daily COVID-19 symptom self-assessment.

"Travellers who do not submit the mandatory information required after they have crossed the border will be considered a high priority for follow-up by law enforcement," PHAC says. 

PHAC recommends all travellers use the ArriveCAN app in order to "reduce their processing time at the border as well as limit physical contact between travellers and border services officers and Public Health Agency of Canada officers."

Dedicated lanes for faster processing for ArriveCAN users are available at YVR, YYC, YYZ, and YUL.

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