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Nina Slawek, Open Jaw

Susan Bowman

Louise Fecteau

Despite a disastrous year for the travel industry and the uncertainty   surrounding the future of the Transat brand, TDC decided not to shelve a major training program for its advisors, which was months in development. 

What do we read into the launch of the initiative at this time? 

Susan Bowman, TDC's Vice President, Marketing and Industry, tells Open Jaw TDC Campus, as the online platform is called, was in development prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"We felt that the right time to launch a sample of it was now, when our network has the time to further develop their skills. We are so happy to provide the TDC network with something so positive, particularly at this time," Bowman says. 

Outwardly, it seems as though the contrast with the operator side, where layoffs are a daily occurrence, couldn’t be stronger. 

Whereas on the retail side, TDC in investing in the the channel by absorbing the cost of training advisors for the first six months.

"Due to the pandemic, we are making every effort to reduce, eliminate or not charge them fees if possible," Bowman says.

After that, TDC says it has set a "competitive" price for the training program.

TDC Campus, available to both TDC franchisees and agent@home travel professionals, is divided into four modules: introduction to the world of travel, the main section, customer experience and continuous development.

“At TDC, we’re always on the lookout for the most effective solutions that reflect the reality of our members, to be proactive and support them in achieving their business objectives as best we can,” says Louise Fecteau, General Manager of Transat Distribution Canada.

"TDC Campus makes things easy for travel professionals who need to know a tremendous amount of information in detail, thanks to its fun and effective content."

More than 20 hours of bilingual content are accessible during the free trial, and even more content will be added in May 2021 once the promotional launch ends. Content, geared towards both inexperienced and seasoned travel professionals, will be updated on a regular basis and includes immersive programming like simulations, videos, interactive guides and quizzes.

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tracey joudrey - November 6, 2020 @ 20:32
interested in the TDC campus

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interested to see your program

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