ACTA Summit: DCI Study Finds Post-Covid Travel Will See Higher Spend And Longer Vacations

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Tania Kedikian, Account Manager, DCI.

As 2020 winds to a close, there are hopeful signs of pent-up demand among Canadian travellers, according to a survey by Development Counsellors International (DCI).

To help travel advisors prepare for the impending travel rebound, Tania Kedikian, Account Manager with DCI, shared the primary trends which emerged from research and differentiates pre- and post-Covid Canadian travellers.

"The industry is nothing if not resilient. Canadians will want to hit the road and skies, and by some estimates, sooner than some anticipate. So its important that advisors have the most up to date information on Canadians and when they will travel," Kedikian said.

Here are the insight from DCI, shared during ACTA's Travel Industry Summit last week:

  • Canadians will spend more and travel longer



Post COVID-19, Canadians will prioritize international travel, with a majority of respondents saying they are likely to take more or longer international leisure trips, and   spend more money travel  compared to pre-pandemic.  

"When outbound travel returns, there's an opportunity for you to sell longer, more expensive trips – those bucket list journeys such as Tahiti overwater bungalows, exclusive tours of wineries in Sonoma, California. Given that Canadians report a willingness to spend more on outbound travel, this offers an opportunity to sell luxury products even to not affluent travellers," Kedikian says.

While Canadians are eager to travel, the survey showed they also have certain conditions that must be met before they take to the skies: 65% said they wouldn't travel internationally until there is a vaccine.

"Good value for the money" wasn't ranked as highly when choosing a destination to visit, which "further reinforces that travellers are willing to spend more money for quality experiences after being homebound because of COVID," Kedikian says. 

There was also a significant drop in interest for destinations offering local festivals and celebrations. According to Kedikian, "This is indicative that this should not be a cornerstone of mark efforts by travel advisors right now. Consumers are simply not as comfortable with large groups as we emerge from the pandemic."

  • Don't rule out connecting flights

Kedikian suggested advisors not rule out destinations that require a connect flight, as 60% of respondents said they are willing to take a flight with one stop/transfer on their next international leisure trip.

DCI surveyed 1,500 English and French-speaking Canadians who have travelled internationally within the previous 18 months. More than 500 of the responses came from households with incomes of over $250,000.

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