Exodus Travels Launches Dateless Departures

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Exodus Travels is offering guests the ability to book a trip without knowing their departure date with the companies first-ever Dateless 1st Departures voucher. The first 100 people to book a voucher will receive a $300 rebate on their deposit.

Depending upon a country's reopening to North American travellers—and pending the completion of Exodus' 5 Stage Health + Safety Approval Process—anyone who purchases a Dateless 1st Departure voucher will be guaranteed a spot on the very first Exodus Travels tour scheduled to re-enter the country in question (typically within the first month of reopening).

If the date of the first tour does not align with the travellers schedule, Exodus Travels will allow them to pick another date or trip.

Dateless 1st Departures also include exclusive benefits to those who book, including: 

  • An exclusive virtual pre-trip briefing and Q&A with Exodus Destination Experts, a Health + Safety representative, a local guide and fellow travellers 
  • Travel planning assistance with Exodus Destination Experts 
  • A professional photographer to document the trip 
  • 24/7 support and safety assurance

For more information, click here.

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