New Advocacy Group "Travel Again" Releases Comprehensive Framework For Industry's Recovery

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Travel Again, a newly-formed global travel advocacy organization, released an industry framework and recommended initiatives Tuesday for safely rebuilding the travel industry.

Travel Again is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization focused on restoring traveller confidence, driving travel recovery and rebuilding the global travel industry. Travel Again was launched in SEP 2020 by United States-based travel industry veterans McCormick and Ed Silver. Among their years of experience in travel, both co-founders are previous high-ranking executives of the Global Business Travel Association, where McCormick was SVP, Global Operations and Silver worked in the capacity of Executive Director and COO. 

“In order for a sustainable recovery process to begin, we must systematically address the issues facing traveller confidence on a pan-industry, global level,” said Travel Again Co-Founder Mike McCormick. “We must begin now to prepare for and implement a coordinated global effort for the recovery of the travel industry. Our plan provides a framework and the path forward for doing so.” 

The organization's Recovery Framework recommends a three-pronged approach: 

Manage Trip Risk — Provide safe travel environments and take ownership for proactively sharing best practices and standards across the industry. Increased effort and resources must be focused on encouraging cross-border cooperation on travel and COVID-related policy. 

Standardize Travel Requirements —Testing must reach wide adoption levels not only for the current COVID-19 crisis, but for on-going integration into long-term prevention planning. 

Restore Confidence in Travel — The industry must coalesce around a common set of measurements, messaging and priorities. 

Travel Again says this Recovery Framework will dominate for most or all of 2021. The plan was developed in collaboration with the organization’s Policy Advisors, which include 25 senior leaders representing various sectors, including travel. Advisors include travel industry professionals like Mark Nasr, Vice President, Loyalty & eCommerce at Air Canada; Erica Anthony, Chief Product Officer at CWT; and Oral Muir, Vice President, Global Distribution Channels at Hilton. 

The organization also suggests the following initiatives it says must be adopted immediately:

  1. Implement the “3-TEST Protocol” for all travellers. This includes a rapid antigen or PCR-level test for travellers, conducted at home three days before their departure. In step two the traveller receives a rapid antigen test at the airport during departure and then, a third test either at the airport, if their time in-destination is three days or less, or at the destination if it is longer.
  2. Enforce safe travel procedures like mask-wearing, social distancing and sanitary methods.
  3. Governments and industry leaders must work collaboratively to reduce and/or eliminate quarantines.
  4. Deploy digital health passports for travellers.
  5. Establish safe travel corridors.
  6. Develop positive, fact-based, industry-wide messaging about travel recovery.
  7. Build a global, industry-wide advocacy agency. Travel Again has stepped into this role. The association is aggregating information, monitoring activities and setting priorities on an on-going basis.
  8. Specific to the U.S., appoint a senior-level “Travel Czar” role within the President-elect Biden Administration.  

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