Baggage Handlers Can’t Abuse These Pre-Dented Suitcases

Mark Stachiew, Open Jaw

Photo courtesy of Crash Baggage

If you're already shelling out good money to buy distressed jeans, then you're going to love luggage that comes pre-dented.

We’ve all sat on a plane and watched in horror as baggage handlers throw luggage into the hold like yesterday’s garbage, but with a new line of bags from Italian design company Crash Baggage,  your worries are over. 

The company is selling 340-euro suitcases that look like they've already been abused by an army of frustrated airport workers. In case you were wondering, that is $525 Canadian dollars which is a lot of money for an effect you can get by transporting your suitcase on only a handful of flights in this country.

In one newspaper report, designer Francesco Pavia recounted how he was inspired to create the battered bags:

“At an airport I saw someone stressing about some damage to their new suitcase and I wanted to counter that," he said.

“We should celebrate every collision, every crash, every trip because it just adds to the story of our travels.”

Crash Baggage's line of damaged-looking items includes suitcases ranging from carry-ons to larger cases as well as a variety of other distressed travel items like water bottles that look like someone's been playing football with them and handbags that might have been run over by a tank.

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