Canada Ends Ban on Flights From U.K., Citing New COVID-19 Testing Rule

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Canada has ended its ban on flights from the United Kingdom, a measure which first came into effect on 20DEC, 2020 to guard against a new, more contagious strain of the coronavirus that was detected in the country.

The ban was officially lifted at 12:01 am on 07JAN.

“We have made that decision based on the fact that we have now put in place, since that original ban, a pre-departure testing protocol. That will replace the ban that existed for the U.K. and it applies, of course, to all countries in the world from which flights may come to Canada," said Minister of Transport Marc Garneau during a press conference on 06JAN.

Canada’s new travel restrictions that came into effect today (07JAN) require anyone flying to Canada to show a negative coronavirus test result before stepping on the plane. According to GlobalNews, 11 cases of the COVID-19 variant have already been found on Canadian soil.

On Tuesday, the UK entered a third national lockdown that requires everyone in England to stay at home for at least the next six weeks except for exercise, medical appointments, essential shopping and a few other limited exceptions. New COVID-19 infections in Britain have soared in recent weeks, as public health officials struggled to contain the new variant, CTV reports. The number of confirmed new daily infections in the past seven days jumped 50 per cent from the previous week, and coronavirus-related deaths rose 21 per cent in the same period.

Anna Kroupina

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