IATA: Air Travel Recovery “Came to a Full Stop” In NOV Due To Gov’t Restrictions

Anna Kroupina, Open Jaw

Alexandre de Juniac, CEO of IATA.
Photo credit: IATA.

The recovery in air passenger demand came to a grinding halt in NOV 2020 due to increased government travel restrictions around the world, says Alexandre de Juanic, CEO and Director General of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), in a report released 07JAN, 2021.

“The already tepid recovery in air travel demand came to a full stop in November,” said de Juniac. “That’s because governments responded to new outbreaks with even more severe travel restrictions and quarantine measures. This is clearly inefficient. Such measures increase hardship for millions.”

Vaccines offer the long-term solution, said de Juniac, while testing is the best way to stop the spread of the virus and start the economic recovery.

Total demand in NOV 2020 was down 70.3 per cent compared to NOV 2019, virtually unchanged from the 70.6 per cent year-to-year (YOY) decline recorded in OCT. NOV capacity was 58.6 per cent below previous year levels and load factor fell 23 per cent to 58 per cent, which was a record low for the month.

International passenger demand for the month was 88.3 per cent below NOV 2019, slightly worse than the 87.6 per cent YOY decline recorded in OCT. Capacity fell 77.4 per cent below previous year levels, and load factor dropped 38.7 per cent to 41.5 per cent. Europe was the main driver of the weakness as new lockdowns weighed on travel demand, says IATA.

Recovery in domestic demand, which IATA says was "the relative bright spot", also stalled, with NOV domestic traffic down 41 percent compared to the prior year.

North American carriers saw an 83 per cent drop in international traffic in NOV, versus an 87.8 per cent decline in OCT. 


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