Can't Make It To WinterBoob? You Can Still Be A Boober

Open Jaw

It’s the most fun – and most fund-raising – event in the Canadian travel industry.

Today marks the 12th edition of WinterBoob, a day of fun and friendship with the very serious purpose of raising funds for the fight against breast cancer. Over the first 11 years, the generosity of Canadian travel industry members has resulted in $350,000 donated to breast cancer research - $55,000 last year alone.

This year we’d like to invite you to participate, even if you can’t make it to the event at Hockley Valley Resort.

To make a $10 donation, simply send a text to 41010, type ‘support wboob’ in the message field on your cellphone and press ‘Send.’
When you receive a text message asking you to confirm your donation, type in ‘Yes’ and you’re done.

The full $10 will go to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada... unlike the travel industry... no hidden fees!
Use the Twitter hashtag #WinterBoob to encourage your friends and colleagues to donate too. You can also follow the WinterBoob antics under the same hashtag.

Together, we can top last year’s record fund-raising and support the many people in our industry and our lives who have been touched by breast cancer.

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