Romance Week For Couples In Travel... Couple #2 Stephanie Anevich & Brian Robertson


Brian Robertson and Stephanie Anevich

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and in order to celebrate the most romantic day of the year, we’ve been chatting to Canadian couples who work together in the industry and still love it – and each other!

Today we’re chatting with Brian Robertson, COO and Stephanie Anevich, Executive V.P. with Vision Travel Solutions.

How did you 2 meet: Brian: Officially, I guess when Stephanie’s brother introduced us in 1991. Stephanie: Brian had been managing Gell Travel here in Toronto and came over to work in our family agency Rogers Travel where I was an agent. Brian was married at the time and I was “busy”. We became an item in 1995.

How long have you been married? Since 2000.

Where did you go on your honeymoon? Stephanie: Tahiti. Because all the years we’d worked together when I was selling honeymoons I’d say, “If I were getting married, I’d go to Tahiti”. When we got engaged, Brian asked where I wanted to go on our honeymoon, and I said I didn’t know. He said “You’ve got to be kidding! You’ve been talking about Tahiti for years!” So we went to Tahiti.

What’s the most romantic destination you’ve travelled to? Brian: The Maldives. Stephanie: And Bali. St. Lucia. And of course Tahiti!

Do you recommend marrying someone who works in the same industry as you do? Brian: No! (They both laugh). Stephanie: Actually in travel, yes, because you get to travel together and it’s such a social industry. We get to do so many fun things together.

What are the pros? Brian: That your partner “gets it” – the jargon, understanding the long hours and long working days.

What are the cons? Stephanie: We’re together a lot - so that takes a special temperament!

What do you think is the secret to a happy marriage? Stephanie: Passion! Brian: Keep smiling!

How will you be spending Valentine’s Day this year? We’ll be in Thornbury, at our cottage – having a nice dinner with friends – and enjoying some champagne, of course!



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