Romance Week For Couples In Travel...Couple #3 Margaret & Ian Biddlecombe

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Margaret & Ian Biddlecombe

Valentine’s Day is this coming Saturday (as if your partner hasn’t already reminded you). So, in order to celebrate the most romantic day of the year, we’ve been chatting to Canadian couples who work together in the industry and still love it – and each other!

Today we feature Ian and Margaret Biddlecombe, respectively the owner and the “director and cruiser extraordinaire” at Travel TST in Richmond.

How did you meet? Ian: It was right here in Richmond. My best friend from high school was getting married and I didn’t get to meet the girl until the night before the wedding – he didn’t want me to as he thought I was more suited to her than he was! Margaret: That was me. We broke up about a year later and Ian and I started doing things together… and now we’ve been married for 30 years. We all laugh about it now.

What were you both doing career-wise at that time? Ian: I worked for a Japanese tractor company and was travelling a lot with them around the U.S. and to Japan. Margaret: I was working in sales at Yellow Pages.

How did you end up in the industry together? Ian: 3 years after we got married Margaret had twin boys and I couldn’t stay with my job which entailed travelling 40% of the time. So I was looking for new work, and in 1990 bought an agency - now the largest in Richmond - and eventually when the boys were a little older Margaret joined me... gradually.

Where did you go on your honeymoon? Margaret: That was neat. We actually planned our honeymoon before our wedding! We had a small wedding on Thursday and on Friday went to Greece for a month, including cruising to Egypt and Israel.

What’s the most romantic destination you’ve travelled to? Margaret: Bora Bora. We think it’s the most beautiful place. Ian: And we went snorkelling with the stingrays there. It was amazing.

What are the pros of working together? Margaret: We get to go on holidays together! And when we make top 25 for Ensemble we both get to go. We’ve done some pretty outstanding trips together.

And the cons? (Both laugh) Ian: No pension! And we probably take our work home so our discussions continue at home and on weekends. We don’t know when to shut it off unless we go to some truly different environment.

What do you think is the secret to a happy marriage? Margaret: Respect for each other. Friendship. Honesty. Ian: We go out for lunch together every day; we’ll go out for dinner on the way home; we live and breathe this business. We trust what each other is doing.

How will you be spending Valentine’s Day this year? Margaret: We’ll actually be celebrating Ian’s 60th birthday with the family at one of our favourite restaurants in Vancouver. Plus we always exchange little gifts on Valentine’s day. Ian’s very romantic!

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