Record Loads, Record Traffic For Air Canada In FEB

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For the month of February, AC has reported a record system load factor of 81.1%, versus 79% in February 2014, on a system-wide capacity increase of 8.4%. On this additional capacity, system wide traffic for February increased a record 11.3% for the month.

"I am extremely pleased to report both a record load factor of 81.1% for the month of February, and more importantly a record traffic increase of 11.3% for the month," said Calin Rovinescu, President & Chief Executive Officer. "Air Canada generated greater traffic in all markets resulting in an unprecedented volume of passengers transported for the month. Our traffic increase was led by significant growth in the Atlantic, U.S. transborder and Latin American and Caribbean markets.”

“These strong traffic results during the more challenging 1st two months of the year underscore the effectiveness of our international growth plan, the strategic deployment of Air Canada rouge to compete more effectively in leisure markets and our team's success in execution,” the CEO added.


sam - March 5, 2015 @ 10:03
it was just yesterday that AC informed on the Tango fares

no commission will be paid only on the flex now by Duncan Bureau. Nice to see they have recored a record load factor for Feb.

I guess the more clients they get booking with AC the better for them for profit. They soon forget who supported them years ago when clients always booked through agencies.

Duncans idea now get rid of the agencies we do not need them anymore. The joke is try and phone them lucky to get through in a hour, all you have is clients phoning with problems and changes. Perhaps he should become a AC agent for a day and see the cost of waiting on the phone to get a simple question answered.

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