Christopher Greenwood Convicted In MKI Travel Failure

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Christopher Greenwood, an officer of failed MKI Travel and Conference Management Inc., has been sentenced to pay a fine of $8,000 after pleading guilty to 2 charges relating to designated trust accounts.

Christopher Greenwood was Vice President of Operations of MKI, while his father, former ACTA President and Algonquin Travel founder Ronald Greenwood was President. The Ontario Travel Industry Compensation Fund paid claims in excess of $2 million related to the closure of MKI in May 2013.

Greenwood plead guilty to not taking reasonable care to prevent MKI from failing to keep customer funds in a designated trust account. He also plead guilty on a 2nd count of failing to obtain the Registrar’s consent prior to opening a trust account. Two other counts against Christopher Greenwood were withdrawn.

Charges against Ronald Greenwood and MKI remain before the court.

The closure of MKI Travel took the Ontario travel industry by surprise, after a long period of low pay-outs from the industry compensation fund.

MKI Travel and Conference Management Inc. operated in Ottawa and elsewhere in Ontario. The company described itself as “a travel and event management company… with expertise in several niche travel markets, both domestic and international, that include government, corporate, association, sports and aboriginal.”

In announcing the $2 million compensation fund payment, TICO said the claim was made “on behalf of 5,000 consumers who were at risk of not receiving the travel services for which they had paid.” The claimant against MKI is believed to have been the Canada Games Council. The Canada Games took place in Sherbrooke, Quebec, in the 1st 2 weeks of August, 2013.

TICO has said little about the case, citing an ongoing investigation.

“There are a lot of unanswered questions, which will be fully answered as soon as the investigation is complete,” TICO CEO Michael Pepper told Open Jaw in September. “TICO cannot provide more details at this time as this would compromise the investigation.”

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