ACTA Says U.S. DOT NDC Safeguards Cover Canada Too

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In August 2014, ACTA told its members that it was pleased with the U.S. Department of Transportation decision approving IATA Resolution 787 – aka New Distribution Capability or NDC - subject to conditions that IATA had agreed with Open Allies for Airfare Transparency, of which ACTA is a member.

At the time, however, ACTA also alerted members to the potential open issue of whether DOT’s conditions on NDC approval had application worldwide or only to sales made in the United States.

The industry association now advises that it has “received satisfactory assurances” from the IATA General Counsel by way of a letter to Open Allies that all the U.S. DOT-imposed safeguards do indeed have global effect.

“Thus, we can be confident that Canadian travel agencies and consumers will enjoy the protections embodied in these conditions,” ACTA says in a statement on its website.

Here’s a link to that statement and to what ACTA sees as the most critical provisions of the conditions the U.S. DOT imposed and what they mean for Canadian travel agencies and consumers.