5 Straight Months Of Double-Digit Growth From Canada's Overseas Markets

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1.3 million international visitors made Canada their vacation destination in October 2014, a robust 9% year-on-year rise, according to the latest figures from the Canadian Tourism Commission’s research department.

CTC’s overseas markets, a dozen countries where it actively promotes tourism to Canada, brought 15% more travellers in October 2014 over the previous October, marking the 5th consecutive month of double-digit growth in these key markets.

Year-to-date October 2014, Canada welcomed 15.2 million international visitors, a 3% increase over the same period in 2013.

A declining loonie appears to be enticing Americans across the border: just over 900,000 Americans travelled north in October, a 7% surge over October 2013.

Other highlights for the month:

• The China market continued its surge in October 2014, with 36% more visitors to Canada. South Korea was hot too, with 31% more visitors.

• In October, visitors from Mexico were up 25% from the year-before month.

• Key European markets were strong in October 2014, with visitors from the U.K. and France both up 9% year-over-year.

• Canadians took 2.4 million trips abroad in October 2014, a 2% year-on-year rise. Year-to-date through October 2014, Canadians had taken 28.8 million outbound trips, 2% more than the same period in 2013.

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