New-Look Open Jaw Offers Easier Navigation, Mobile Responsiveness

Open Jaw

As you've likely noticed, your Open Jaw has a new look today.

Several months in the making, the revamped website aims to provide you with better content flow and ease of navigation, so you can access your points of interest quickly and easily. And if you're on the move, improved mobile responsiveness will let you take Open Jaw with you wherever you go.

“Open Jaw creates so much content every day that even we can't keep up with it," says co-founder Nina Slawek. “It was high time we developed better ways for our readers to find what they want to read, see and hear as quickly as possible. The new design also allows us to better showcase the interactive elements Open Jaw excels at, including videos, training seminars, quizzes, live shows and the famous Pink Couch which has hosted industry leaders from around the world."

Nina says mobile capability is increasingly important for an audience that travels frequently. “Mobile penetration is high for Open Jaw readers - 18% vs. a consumer average of 10%, so we have to deliver a mobile responsive experience. And that number is only going to grow - mobile is what the web was 15 years ago."

For the advertisers who make all this Open Jaw content possible, their messages are now more visible and can be accessed through an increased number of points on the site. “We love our advertisers and the new site will further improve our ability to drive traffic and deliver results," says Nina.

The clean, fresh look and modern design features a handy side bar delivering the latest content in various sections at a glance. The many modules for travel professional training are now available in one searchable section.

“We expect time spent on the site will increase exponentially as content is better displayed via the mega-menu and side bar navigation options," Nina adds. “Frankly, the new design makes the old Open Jaw look like travel by horse and carriage vs. a jet plane."

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