SkyGreece Announces Joint Venture With Bulgaria’s BH Air

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Bill Alefantis, Chief Commercial Officer of SkyGreece Airlines and Ianko Ivanov, CEO of BH Air, have announced a strategic joint venture between the 2 carriers.

“By adding Sofia to Athens, Thessaloniki, Zagreb and also Budapest to our hub and strategic routes, we solidify our presence in the Balkans and Eastern Europe and become a genuine alternative for travellers and travel agents searching for direct flights between Europe and North America," said Alefantis. “BH Air is a great company and with the addition of their 5 aircraft to our program, it definitely makes us an important player in Eastern Europe and in the Balkans. It will allow us to feed our various hubs but also to use (BH's) fleet as a back-up for our North American operations," Alefantis added.

“This new partnership will enable us to maximize the utilization of our fleet in Europe and to develop a North American program from Bulgaria. Together with SkyGreece Airlines, we will develop more synergies and more alternatives for everyone, and Canada is only one of the countries we wish to offer from Bulgaria," mentioned Ivanov said.

BH Air is an IATA member with 14 years in operation. Its fleet consists of 3 Airbus 320s, 1 Airbus 319 and 1 Airbus 330.

SkyGreece Airlines will commence operations on 17MAY with services from Athens, Thessaloniki, Budapest and Zagreb to Montreal and Toronto.

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