Mother’s Day Week – Daphne & Chris Mayne

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Daphne & Chris Mayne
Chris Mayne of Mayne Travel Services in North Bay, reflects on his mother Daphne's lifelong career in travel.

“My mom and dad met in London after World War II when they both worked at Thomas Cook. They came to Canada on the 1st leg of a big world-wide journey. But I was born in Toronto and after a year they saw an ad in the paper for an agency in North Bay and here we came and have been ever since.

“We'd often travel to England to visit the grandparents – I'm sure I have old passports and my BOAC junior jet badge somewhere. I definitely remember going with them and a group to Sunset Crest in Barbados when I was in high school. Today whenever I'm on the island I go back and visit Sunset Crest and reminisce.

“My mother, who's now 88, was very involved in the community. She was the 1st female President of the North Bay Chamber of Commerce and also a city councillor for 4 years. I think that's one of the keys to her success: making contacts and building the business. She's a strong personality with a great sense of humour and has taught me patience and perseverance.

“In the days prior to after school day care, the agency was our day care centre - after lunch at Kresge's. We'd spend hours stamping brochures (the crummy job that kids always got) and eventually sorting Air Canada ticket coupons and some basic accounting. Later we'd get to answer the phone, and if you didn't know the answer you made something up! For what they paid us, we were irreplaceable!

“One of my mother's projects these days is to cruise around the world which she's doing in 3 week chunks – I estimate she's done about 85% of it. She recently did the transatlantic portion over to Barcelona with my sister. She still loves travelling.

“For her 80th birthday we took all the staff to Las Vegas – I guess we'll have to start planning her 90th birthday trip soon! She still comes into the agency 4 days a week and makes bookings, for sure. We're very glad to have her around."

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