Mother’s Day Week: Stephanie & Gogi Anevich

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Gogi Anevich

Gogi Anevich of Rogers Travel was a prominent and popular member of the Toronto travel scene for many years. Her daughter, Stephanie Anevich (today Executive Vice President of Leisure Travel at Vision Travel Solutions) recalls her whirlwind of a Mom.

“My mother was my hero. She inspired me, got me into the business, allowed me to grow, and taught me that a woman can have a career – and a family – and not just a job.

My mother was so glamorous! She was quite the fashionista, with her wardrobe of fabulous clothes. Her father started the agency back in 1953 and my parents joined the business in the 60s. It was a tiny agency located off a side street in North Toronto that they eventually grew into a $3 million business – a significant achievement at that time, supporting 3 generations. I definitely remember them selling steamship fares and Greyhound bus tickets.

I started going into the agency when I was 10, filing and stamping brochures – and listening. I could read the OAG at 10!

Even though they both worked in the agency, my parents didn't travel much together as we kids were still at home. So they would alternate on FAMs.

In many ways it was the heyday of travel. We couldn't afford to travel as a family until we were in our teens and went – by ship – to England. Then we travelled every year after that. I got into the business when I was 18."

What would she think of the industry today? “She'd be quite overhelmed, but I think she would love the social media part and the many cool changes, and she'd totally love the spectacular hotels. She had a lot of travel friends and was very sociable.

My mother died 2 years ago – and I miss her most when I come home from a trip and think, 'I can't wait to tell her about the crazy things that happened on this trip!' She would always love that. She worked hard for 35 years and had a ton of fun. She was a humanist, open minded and really driven by life."

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