Canadian Tourism Commission Reports On ‘Pivotal’ 2014

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All major tourism indicators for Canada rose in 2014, including tourism revenue, GDP, employment and arrivals. The good news is contained in the annual report of the Canadian Tourism Commission, its mechanism for reporting to parliament on its activities during the fiscal year.

The CTC describes 2014 as a ‘pivotal’ year for Canadian tourism.

“2014 was a strong year for the tourism sector in Canada, with particularly strong increases in arrivals from the key markets where the CTC invests in marketing and promotion with our partners,” says Scott Allison, Chairperson (interim) of CTC’s Board of Directors.

In fact, the overseas leisure markets where CTC puts its focus led the improved performance, delivering a 10% year-on-year rise in visitors to Canada.

“Canada is reasserting itself as a global destination and we expect those results to continue in 2015,” Allison added.

Overall tourism export revenue reached $17.3 billion, maintaining Canada’s tourism industry as one of the country’s crucial economic drivers and leading service export, with almost 627,000 jobs directly attributable to tourism.

The 2014 Annual Report claims the following financial benefits for Canada are directly attributable to CTC’s 2014 marketing activities:

  • $925 million in tourism revenue for Canada’s economy
  • $122 million toward federal tax revenue
  • 7,500 jobs created or protected in Canadian tourism businesses

“Working in partnership in 12 markets globally, the ‘sun never sets’ on the CTC’s work as we promote Canada as a premier travel destination,” says David Goldstein, CTC President & CEO. “We are proud to share the results of these efforts for the past year. I want to thank provincial, territorial and destination marketing organizations, and all of our private-sector partners across Canada who continue to work with us.”

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