Ultra-LCC Hopeful NewLeaf Chooses YWG As Its HQ

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Winnipeg Richardson International Airport has been selected as the head office location for NewLeaf Travel Company Inc. Structured as an ultra low-cost carrier, NewLeaf is a privately held Canadian company that says they intend to provide the bare bones service offerings and affordable fares offered by LCC's in Europe and Asia.

In partnership with Flair Airlines, NewLeaf plans to offer scheduled daily nonstop flights from bases in Kelowna, Winnipeg and Hamilton to multiple domestic and international destinations.

NewLeaf says its customers will save money through low fares that are unbundled and transparent. The company also says it will offer vacation packages, hotel accommodations, rental vehicles and entertainment.

More information on New Leaf's plans can be found in this Globe & Mail article. A CBC News article warns that New Leaf will face a tough go of it in Canada's current aviation climate.


dave heron - June 9, 2015 @ 12:06
I'm not convinced another "here we go again" upstart is much of a fit in the Canadian market. History suggests that airlines operating on cost plus a dollar margins tend to be as long lasting as an Alberta Summer. Did we not learn from the collapses of the likes of Jetsgo, Greyhound, Air Club, Vacationair, Zoom, etc etc ad nauseam?
Everyone initially rushes in to grab the $100 ticket and then stands in bewilderment looking for a savior when the concept falls to the ground like a rock. Exceptional scrutiny when granting an operating authority needs to accompany any new entry into this precarious field in order to minimize the victims' exposure to financial peril should this not go as planned ( or hoped)

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