Carnival’s Fathom Boss On 3 Key Customer Profile Targets

Cruise Week

Carnival Corp. recently announced its 10th and most distinct brand, to be known as ‘fathom.’ Starting with just one 700 pax ship, fathom will focus on “meaningful travel experiences,” allowing pax to work alongside local organizations and residents in ports-of-call to improve economic, environmental and educational issues.

Pax will be able to teach English, help cultivate plants, build water filters and perform other useful endeavours, using the docked ship as their home base.

fathom President Tara Russell spoke to Cruise Week and identified 3 key customer profile targets.

“The 1st is what we call a purpose-driven millennial,” she says. “A young person, but really a little bit older millennial, who has a little bit more time, a little bit more disposable income and is hungry to really marry their values with everything they do: with the work they get involved with, the products they purchase and with the travel experiences that they want to have.” Russell says that these purposeful millennials are also hungry to have experiences with like-minded fellow travellers.

The 2nd group is called mindful families. “These are families with children 8 years and above who are trying to create meaningful memories that they can enjoy long after the experience,” says Russell.

The 3rd key customer profile is someone between the ages of 40 and 65 going through a life transition. “Maybe they’ve just had a kid go off to college, maybe they’ve just retired, maybe they’ve just lost a parent or a loved one. We see this as a way that they can get involved in social impact needs globally apart from just writing a cheque.”

All 3 have a common theme. “These people want to get engaged and involved, and they just want to know where to begin,” says Russell.

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