Open Jaw’s Canada Day Series: Featuring Our Gain & India’s Loss, Yuvraj Datta

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Yuvraj Datta

Many immigrants speak glowingly about Canada – but perhaps none so warmly as Yuvraj Datta, President of Skylink. “Share what you are with a country like this and you will reach the heights.“

Where do you live? In Thornhill, Ontario.

Where were you born? In New Dehli, India.

When did you come to Canada? My 1st visit was in 1998 - I arrived on October 10th and the beautiful colours of fall welcomed me. I came here permanently in 1999.

Why Canada? When I was 15/16, I had an aunt living here and I heard how nice it was, and during my 1 st trip, several people told me it would be a good idea for me to come. Family systems, schooling, health care, everything. I find Canada very multicultural, yet modern and very liberal and that's important to us. And I while I'm not crazy about slush, I even like it when it snows!

Did you consider other countries? I looked also at Australia – a little far – and the U.S., but the pace was too fast. Now I travel 80 days a year to the U.S. and I prefer Canada as a more settled environment.

What was your 1 st job here? To be honest, the 1st 5 or 6 months were a struggle. I had trouble finding a job even though I had worked in travel in India, so I got into a company as a travel agent. Within 6 weeks I was promoted to supervisor and shortly after that, Branch Manager. From a travel agent to, now, the President of a multi-million dollar company with offices in 3 countries: I like to say that I am the perfect immigrant story!

What do you appreciate most about being Canadian? Believe me, Canada is the only place where if you walk through a door the guy ahead of you will hold the door for you. That shows the respect we have for each other. Try slowing down at a yield sign in New York! Good luck!

If you could live anywhere in Canada, where would it be? I love Victoria! I'll be there one day for sure.

What do you think would make Canada an even better place? I see huge talent being wasted in the new immigrant community. They have to struggle. At SkyLink, we do a lot to encourage and hire new immigrants. Also, some of us take Canada for granted, despite the acceptance, tolerance, multi-ethnicity and good infrastructure. We mustn't forget that it's the duty of all of us to support our community and participate in society.

How do you traditionally spend Canada Day? We do a barbecue at a cottage or by the lake – and we always try to invite a friend from another country. This year it's the CEO of Skylink who will hopefully be joining us.

What do you think you'd be doing if you had remained in India? Good question. I never thought of not leaving… but it would be something similar, but definitely in travel. For sure.

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