Open Jaw’s Canada Day Series: Featuring Engaging Aussie Carre Le Page

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Carre Le Page

He's a long way from home: Carre Le Page, Flight Centre's marketing, web and artworks leader, may have been here only 3 years, but he already feels at home thanks to the many connections between us and his home country: Australia.

Where do you live? In Kitsilano.

Where were you born? In Tokyo. My parents were working for the Australian Tourism Commission for 6 years there and I spent the 1 st 4 years of my life in Japan. I returned in my 20s for 2 years of a working holiday, so I speak functional Japanese, but that's about it.

When did you come to Canada? 3 years ago.

Why Canada? I'd been back living in Australia for about 7 years after I returned from Japan, and when I saw this job advertised internally I thought it was a great opportunity for a new adventure. I think Canada has a lot in common with Australia. I went to LA recently and really noticed what a totally different lifestyle they have there. Here I'm much more comfortable; it's closer to what I grew up with in Australia.

Did you consider other countries? The only other place I had considered was London and I still hope to live there someday. And everyone wants a dabble in New York City!

What were your 1 st impressions of Canada? People are super friendly, especially here in B.C. And people like to talk about the weather a lot. You never waste a sunny day – I once got into trouble for suggesting going to a movie on a sunny day!

What was your 1 st job here? The one I have now. I've been with the company 11 years, starting as an agent.

What do you appreciate most about being in Canada? I've really come to appreciate it, the hockey and the North American sports, the way of life. Not a fan of Tim Horton's, but do think that the coffee scene has improved since I got here! I'm on a work permit and have just applied for permanent residency. I'm engaged to a Canadian, so hopefully will stay.

If you could live anywhere in Canada, where would it be? Where I am – close to the beach. Hopefully in a bigger house!

What do you think would make Canada an even better place? I'm not sure, actually.

How will you spend Canada day? Some friends are having a barbecue on their patio with a view of the fireworks. Plus some time at the beach.

What do you think you'd be doing if you had remained in Australia? I'd still be with Flight Centre, it's a massive business there and I'd likely be working in a marketing role in some capacity back in Brisbane.

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