CWT Solutions Group Develops Method To Streamline Airline RFPs

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The RFP process for companies looking to buy air travel can be complex and time-consuming. For many companies, the process averages between 6 and 9 months to complete – what seems like an eternity in the digital age.


CWT Solutions Group, in partnership with Delta Air Lines, says it has created a new automated product that could shorten the timeline across all contracted airlines.


“We developed this new automated process to increase efficiencies and consistencies in data interpretation for our clients, which will ultimately save them time and impact their bottom line,” said Yon Abad, Senior Director, CWT Solutions Group Americas. “Our goal is to simplify a complex but critical process to help our clients more easily buy for a managed travel program.”

Airlines are required to complete a pricing grid in response to a company’s RFP. This is seen as the most critical piece in the RFP process because it houses airline prices and rates side-by-side, helping companies make critical buying decisions.


CWT says its new automated process receives all airline pricing data into 1 feed and automatically uploads into contract modelling tools. The result can mean time and cost savings for CWT Solutions Group clients.

In a pilot test completed with DL, the algorithm enabled complete contract assessment, fare mapping, value calculation and expedited negotiations. Following the pilot with Delta, CWT found the algorithm will save 85-90% of manual work for contract loading and interpretation within CWT Solutions Group.

CWT Solutions Group says it is in the process of broadening the application of this tool across other airlines to further streamline the RFP process for its clients. 

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