Jail Time For Agents In 2 Separate TICO Cases

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Three Ontario travel agents will serve time in jail in two separate cases where their actions breached Ontario’s Travel Industry Act.

Dat Phuc Ngo o/a Sky Asia Travel plead guilty to one count of failing to keep customer funds in the trust account. He was sentenced to 45 days of incarceration to be served intermittently and will be on probation for two years and banned from employment in the travel industry in any capacity.

The Ontario Travel Industry Compensation Fund paid claims in excess of $170,000 in relation to the closure of Sky Asia Travel on January 16, 2014.

In a second trial, Amigo Travel Ltd. (Amigo Travel), Mirta Zamora and Esterlina Coyant have been convicted of 7 counts each of failure to deposit customer funds into the trust account.

The Ontario Travel Industry Compensation Fund paid a total of $65,069.57 to consumers who suffered financial losses as a result of the actions of the Amigo Travel directors and officers.

Zamora and Coyant each received a 60-day jail sentence on each count, which will be served consecutively for a total of 420 days of incarceration.

They were also sentenced to heavy fines: a $15,000 fine plus a Victim Surcharge Fee, for a total of $18,750, on each count. The total fine on seven counts equals $131,250, for each individual

Amigo Travel was given a fine of $250,000 plus Victim Surcharge Fee, for a total of $312,500 on Count No. 1 and was given 1 year to pay the fine.


Erika Keller - August 27, 2015 @ 11:08
When reading this, one really wonders why Ron & Chris Greenwood got away with a slap on their wrists for a 2 million+ payout from TICO for the demise of MKI Travel Ottawa.

Sharon Simmonds - August 26, 2015 @ 19:08
It is agencies like these that are giving us all a bad name.

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