TICO & OPC Assessing SkyGreece Claims

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Since the SkyGreece Airlines announcement on Thursday of a temporary cease in operations, and despite a CTA mandated deadline for action, nothing has happened to assist its approximately 1,000 stranded pax. The travel industry and consumers are essentially in a holding pattern.

The airline has made no mention of any plans to issue refunds, simply telling customers to contact their travel agents to make alternate arrangements.

According to TICO’s Dorian Werda, SkyGreece has indicated to her that there may be news for pax as early as today. The council has been busy since Thursday fielding calls from consumers and appearing on numerous TV shows including Global, CTV and CP 24. The message being that consumers who booked with a travel agent have better protection.

Although TICO’s responsibility at the moment is murky since SkyGreece has not officially ceased operations. The 1st and best line of defense for consumers in this situation is to make a claim with their credit card company.

In the meantime, in an effort to be consumer friendly, the Ontario council is issuing claims to consumers who request them. According to Werda, “Normally we don’t release claim forms if they have not closed down operations. But this is an unusual situation and we make provisions for assessing events which affect consumers negatively.”

If the claims are approved by the Board of Directors, the compensation fund will reimburse consumers the unused portion of the ticket. TICO has published a SkyGreece advisory on their website with details of its responsibilities: http://www.tico.ca/news/advisories/583.html?task=view

In Quebec, the board of the Office de la protection du consomateur (OPC) has appointed  Mr. André Champagne, of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, to oversee claims related to SkyGreece. He has been mandated to deal directly with affected travellers and to collaborate with Quebec travel agencies to facilitate the return of Quebec pax who are abroad.

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