CTA Finally Demands SkyGreece Refund Or Re-book

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SkyGreece Airlines has until 5:00 pm today to respond to a preliminary ruling from the Canadian Transportation Agency that it has broken its contracts with passengers.

The CTA is responsible for ensuring that air carriers abide by the terms and conditions of their respective tariffs, as required by Air Transportation Regulations. It has taken 1 week for the judges at the agency to act on their mandate to ensure that air carriers abide by the terms and conditions of their respective tariffs, as required by Air Transportation Regulations.


The single plane SkyGreece Airlines announced that it had ‘temporarily’ suspended operations on 28AUG, leaving some 1,000 pax in limbo. At that time, the airline released a press release referring pax to their travel agents to arrange for alternate travel and/or accommodations.


“It appears from this press release that SkyGreece may not have complied with its tariff, which requires SkyGreece to present passengers with specified options,” the CTA says. ”The tariff does not permit SkyGreece to simply refer passengers to their travel agents. Indeed, it is possible that passengers may not even have reserved their travel through travel agents,” the agency continued in a letter sent to the airline’s lawyers.  


“Given that SkyGreece cannot offer passengers the choice to travel on another of its scheduled flights or on a different routing, as it has temporarily ceased all operations, it must, according to its tariff, offer passengers other options, including transportation using the services of another carrier or refunding passengers’ tickets. Based on the complaints received by the Agency, SkyGreece appears not to have made such options available.”  


The CTA says it is prepared to order the airline to properly inform its pax of its compensation policies and to take immediate action to implement them — including refunds or alternate transportation.


So, although TICO and OPC had already been assessing SkyGreece pax claims and suggesting that, if applicable, they seek refunds from their credit card companies, it now appears that the CTA is holding SkyGreece responsible. Whether they will comply or shut down entirely remains to be seen.

TICO is also advising travel agents who have consumers ticketed on SkyGreece’s airline partner Hahn Air (ticket # prefix 169) that they should process refunds for their clients on any unused service. 

SkyGreece has been ordered by the CTA “to show cause why the Agency should not find that SkyGreece did not properly apply the terms and conditions set out in its international tariff.”


If it can’t do that, the CTA says it will order SkyGreece to take immediate corrective measures to properly apply its international tariff for all passengers affected by schedule irregularities, including:


  • Informing passengers of their options and providing them with a copy of the tariff;
  • Implementing forthwith the option chosen by passengers;
  • Establishing a 1-800 help line where passengers can be directed to a person who can accept and address their claim;
  • Updating its website to fully explain the measures put in place to address the situation. 

SkyGreece started operations in 2014.  Its only plane is currently parked at YYZ.



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