Transat Continues To ‘Simplify’ Its Branding

Open Jaw
by Bruce Parkinson

Genevieve LeBrun

More Transat. Less Transat Holidays.

After 30 years of building one of the world’s largest integrated travel companies, Transat A.T. Inc. is “simplifying” its branding, putting the Transat name to the fore.


The company’s new standalone escorted tour brochure is branded Transat, rather than Transat Holidays, and press releases from the tour operator side are also featuring the one-word branding. According to Transat executives, it’s just the next step in an ongoing process.


“This is not a rebranding exercise. It’s a simplification of how we promote our offer in the marketplace,” said Genevieve LeBrun, Senior Marketing & Communication Executive, in an interview with Open Jaw. “It’s a reflection of how consumers see us.”

The move follows ongoing efforts to rebrand many of the nearly 500 Transat-owned retail locations. After what it called a successful trial, the company began offering the new-look Transat Travel brand to franchisees earlier this year. “We believe that having a consistent brand presence can pull up the whole brand," said Joseph Adamo, General Manager, Transat Distribution Canada.

“We're looking to better serve today's consumer, who typically visits several touch-points before booking travel. Our vision is to integrate all those touch-points – online, call centre and physical stores – under the Transat brand. That way consumers could seamlessly toggle from one touch-point to another," Adamo added.

LeBrun says that while Transat will be the “big flagship brand,” the changes don’t spell the end for the Nolitours and TMR Holidays brands, although ‘TMR by Transat’ and ‘Nolitours by Transat’ are how the smaller tour operations are now presented.

“We’re certainly committed to those brands,” says LeBrun. “There’s strong equity between Nolitours and TMR, which cater to specific audiences.”

LeBrun says that by putting the Transat name forward at all phases of the customer relationship – from planning and booking to flying and in destination – the company is “reflecting how consumers see us,” and “creating confidence in the travel experience.”

LeBrun says the company is constantly measuring the health of its brand perception. “We’re pretty happy with where we stand. We see the trust we have and we’re confident with our level of brand equity.”

While putting the Transat name front and centre, Transat continues to work within the brand to offer differentiation from other operators. These efforts are most apparent in the massive new 428 page sun brochure featuring over 500 resorts. Transat continues to segment that vast product into ‘Collections,’ including new ones this year aimed at solo travellers and those seeking adults-only resorts.

“We are very proud of the breadth of our offering and our Collections are a way to help customers find the choices that are relevant to their needs and interests,” says LeBrun.

The Collections are also seen as an effective way to put the focus on the desired experience of travellers, rather than just the bottom-line price tag.

“Price will always be a key criteria,” LeBrun says. “But it’s not the only factor. Quality, customer service, our presence at the destination, these are all elements of how we want our customers to see Transat.”

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