Marketer Miron Launches The TravelLab

Open Jaw

Brad Miron

Despite leaving TravelBrands just a few weeks ago, marketing executive Brad Miron is back in business doing what he loves best, coming up with ideas for travel companies to differentiate themselves in a commodity based business.  


Miron met with Open Jaw in a crowded Toronto restaurant wearing an oversized lab coat emblazoned with the TravelLab logo. The marketing consulting venture aims to address what Miron sees as an industry need for a more integrated approach to marketing strategy.  


"You may have your digital strategy, SEM, traditional print, and often I find that there is no one overarching concept being integrated through all channels," Miron said. "And with the enormous budgets being put against SEM, I think a lot of companies are missing out on putting their brand forward. SEM is at the bottom of the funnel. There is very little brand affinity. I see an opportunity to create brand affinity for companies to rise above the price battle through creativity and innovation."


Miron's pedigree includes itravel2000’s successful and profitable, 'Let It Snow' campaign developed for itravel2000. Although he admits that not every idea is a home run, he sees unexploited opportunities based on defined objectives and research.   


 Developing a broad based research platform is the other part of the business venture. "A lot of the existing research is based on past performance indicators. We want to bring forward intelligence based on what consumers want to do in the next few weeks, 6 months or 6 years, and break that down geographically. That way tourist boards, tour operators and retailers can be better equipped to plan effective strategies."


The TravelLab officially launches today at the Cancun Travel Mart.

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