Majority Of TPI Advisors Confident In Canadian Industry Health

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Over 3/4 of Travel Professionals International (TPI) travel advisors surveyed either ‘agreed’ or ‘strongly agreed’ that the overall Canadian travel industry “is in a healthy business position.”


In its survey of ‘hundreds’ of TPI travel advisors, ‘travel industry’ was defined as “a cumulative combination of product (air, hotel, cruise, etc.), distribution (independent agents, storefront agencies, online agencies, etc.), and price of all areas related to the fulfillment of the Canadian travel industry.”


“We are not surprised that the vast majority of TPI travel advisors are confident in the Canadian travel industry,” said Morris Chia, TPI President & CEO. “TPI has established strong relationships with the world’s leading travel providers and its own advisors, and through its own advisors, end-consumers, and that strength continues to pay dividends for all of these partners.”


Areas of concern outlined by the 2015 TPI Annual Advisor Survey respondents in regard to confidence in the Canadian travel industry ranged from the weakness of the CAD to increased competition to decreases in at-source commissions, particularly on certain airline fare classes.


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