Michael Friisdahl Leaving Air Canada To Head Up MLSE

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Michael Friisdahl

Various media outlets have confirmed the rumour that Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment are hiring Air Canada executive Michael Friisdahl as the sports holding company’s new President.

Friisdahl will be replacing  Tim Leiweke and his hiring will be formally announced by MLSE later this afternoon.

Friisdahl joins MLSE from Air Canada, where since 2012 he was President & Chief Executive of the airline’s leisure group, which runs Air Canada Vacations.

Friisdahl’s previous positions included CEO of Thomas Cook North America and CEO of the tour operator Holiday Network.

Friisdahl’s hiring brings Leiweke’s stewardship of MLSE  to a close, as the story of who will replace Leiweke has percolated in sports business circles for months.

MLSE is jointly owned by Bell Media, TSN's parent company, and telecom rival Rogers Communications. The perception that those companies are often at odds has made some sports executives contacted by MLSE wary.


roger pettet - October 29, 2015 @ 12:10
Congratulations. You'll have another Pettet working for you-my son! I wish you every success.

Michael W Palmer - October 29, 2015 @ 11:10
Congrats Michael - very cool - hope you help getting those leafs into the playoffs....
Good luck in your new career direction... Michael

Patrick Doherty - October 29, 2015 @ 11:10
Good luck and God speed wishing you much success in you new position. your leadership will be missed by AC where you left big shoes to be filled after doing an outstanding job, ' you have left your mark and footprint and the blue print for continuing success !!. . . A leadership Job Well Done.

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