Bienvenue: Canada Ranked World’s Most Welcoming Country

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A new study of 50 "nation brands" has found that Canada is seen as the most welcoming country in the world. 


The just released Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index put Canada at the top of the ‘People’ category. Our country also placed in the top 3 in 2 other areas: Immigration/Investment and Governance. This makes Canada one of the most attractive nations for people to live, work, study and conduct business in globally.


Overall, Canada ranked 5th among the 50 nations covered, after the U.S., Germany, U.K. and France. The U.S. returned to the top spot after falling to 2nd place in 2014. 


The annual study measures global perceptions of 50 developed and developing countries. The research asks questions about 23 different national attributes, which are then combined into 6 overall "dimensions" on which the national image is based. Those dimensions are: Exports, Governance, Culture, People, Tourism and Immigration/Investment.


Professor Simon Anholt, the independent policy advisor who created the Nation Brands Index in 2005, comments, "This year's results stand as a reminder that, although the images of countries are incredibly stable, changes can and do take place, particularly when people around the world sense that countries are contributing noticeably more or less to humanity and the planet. It is their perceived impact on the world that affects countries' reputation far more than their assets or achievements.


Greece, a nation facing chronic economic issues, is struggling to maintain its image, with notable falls across all indices. In the overall ranking, it has slipped just 1 place, to 21st position, while Brazil moves up to 20th.


Vadim Volos, Senior Vice President & Director of NBI at GfK, comments, "A country's global reputation can make a critical difference to the success of its business, trade and tourism efforts, as well as its diplomatic and cultural relations with other nations."

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