New GBTA Study Identifies Priorities & Areas For Improvement For TMCs

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A just released GBTA Foundation study confirms that travel buyers want their TMCs to not only save money, but to improve on data analysis, measurement and reporting while providing travellers a better experience. The 1st few are hardly surpising given the importance of leveraging spend and driving compliance to travel buyers and their companies, but the last suggests travel buyers also want TMCs to continue expanding beyond their traditional roles.
The GBTA study, which surveyed 297 travel professionals in the U.S. and the U.K., found that data analysis, performance measurement and reporting (55%); cost savings (51%) and improving the traveller experience (48%) are the top areas travel buyers want their TMC to improve in over the next 5 years.
The study also surveyed 710 business travellers in 3 countries and the data shows that the majority of U.S.-based business travellers are moderately satisfied with their company/TMC when it comes to various elements of the travel experience. Business travelers identified travel convenience (49%) including minimal layovers, convenient flight times and convenient hotel locations as the top priority they would like to see their company/TMC improve to make their business travel experience a better one.
These findings all come from the new study, TMCs Today & Tomorrow, conducted by the GBTA Foundation, the education and research arm of the Global Business Travel Association. The study was sponsored by Concur.
In the U.S., business travellers are generally satisfied with booking business trips through the various channels they used in the past year. Booking directly with an airline or hotel had the highest satisfaction rate at 87% followed closely by calling or e-mailing a travel manager/travel agent (82%) and using an online travel agency or travel site (74%).

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