GLP Worldwide To Represent Pandaw River Expeditions

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GLP Worldwide has won the task of introducing Pandaw River Expeditions to the Canadian market.  


GLP says Pandaw is the modern incarnation of the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company founded in 1865 and offers a variety of culturally enriching cruises on smaller colonial style ships in Burma (Myanmar), Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and China. The line also works in partnership to offer cruises in India, Thailand and South America.


“We are thrilled to represent such an innovative and unique cruise product ideally suited for the Canadian market with a focus on cultural and interactive excursions with the locals and at an affordable price,” said Alan Law, Director of Sales & Marketing for GLP Worldwide Expedition Travel and Tours. 


“GLP Worldwide has a reputation for providing knowledgeable and personalized customer service and we are pleased that they will represent Pandaw River Expeditions in Canada,” said Hugh Clayson, Commercial Director for Pandaw River Expeditions. “Many Canadians already enjoy our cruises but we believe there can be so many more once they know about how different the Pandaw cruise experience is compared to the competition and itineraries that are unlike any other operator.”


The Pandaw fleet consists of 14 ships accommodating from 10-60 pax.  Each ship has been custom built by traditional craftsmen and hand finished in brass and teak. Personalized service is also a trademark of Pandaw River Expeditions which provides a passenger to staff ratio of 2:1. 


One of the distinguishing features of the fleet is an ultra-low draft on the ships that allows them to go to more remote areas and shallower waters that would be inaccessible to other boats.  

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