Former ACTA CEO McCaig Recovering After Ex-Wife Donates A Kidney

Open Jaw

AC V.P. Global Sales Duncan Bureau took former ACTA CEO David McCaig out to lunch during his recovery from a kidney transplant operation.

It’s the perfect story for the season of giving.

Former ACTA President & CEO David McCaig is recovering after a live donor kidney transplant. The live donor who gave him one of her kidneys is his ex-wife Linda McCaig.

“I will never forget her phone call to me about a year ago where she volunteered to be my kidney donor,” McCaig told Open Jaw.

“Linda stated that ‘our Grandkids need a Grandpa’ and told me she would try to pass all the tests required to be eligible,” McCaig added.

By the time of the transplant, McCaig’s kidney disease had progressed to the point where he was required to spend 15 hr. a week attached to a dialysis machine.

“After several months of tests on both of us, her donor doctors found her to be very suitable to be my donor and my recipient doctors found me to meet extensive recipient health requirements,” says McCaig. “It was unbelievable to find out that her tissue and mine were ‘highly compatible’ and that we passed all the other required tests to go ahead.”

He reports that Linda is doing “extremely well” and well on her way to returning to her normal life.

“The total recovery process for me is to be approximately 2-3 months and the wonderful news is that all is going exceptionally well after an amazing and successful surgery. What a miracle Christmas this is for me and my family thanks to the wonderful gift that Linda gave me.”

In the wake of the generous gift he has received, McCaig encouraged others to consider such a selfless act. “Please remember, many, many people can be a kidney donor,” he says. 

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